Monday, 15 August 2011

NuSkin:Fountain of Youth ?

In the ‘60s it was Fast Food. The ‘70s, fast cars and Rock n’ Roll. The 1980s saw a rise in mortgages. Through the 1990s, the minivan became a symbol for the ‘family on the go,’ creating the household nickname ‘soccer mums’ of such mothers driving their children to music lessons and football practice.  

Today, 50 is the new 30.

Yes, these Baby Boomers do not want to grow old. It is because of this that for the first time in history, the entire Baby Boom generation is impacting a single market at the same time!

Why am I suddenly blabbing on about anti-aging talk in the midst of my exotic, South Eastern adventures?

It wasn’t until coming to Malaysia that I realized just how HUGE the anti-aging and wellness industry is.

Remember how I said how my uncle didn’t look one day older than the last time I saw him, FIVE years ago?

Trying to keep my mind off the ‘maybe my internship application got lost in the mail’ worries, my uncle took me into his office in KL and the world of NuSkin.

NuSkin Enterprises is an American multi-level marketing company found my Blake Roney in 1984 as Nu Skin International.

Relying on a basic ‘diagnosis instead of remedy’ methodology and promising 'all of the good and none of the bad,' the company focuses specifically on anti-aging. It offers over 100 name sake personal care products, cleansers, cosmetics, hair care items and even nutritional supplements.  Taking the spotlight, however, is the Nu Skin ageLOC Galvanic Spa treatment.

With Nu Skin Galvanic Spa treatment, users would have to pay just $7 each time! The best part ? All from the comfort of their own home or workplace !

A patented device with self-adjusting galvanic currents, the company argues this gives it perfect advantage to take over the Booming Anti-aging market… with no competition.

Sound too good to be true?                                                                             
Still skeptical? This can only mean one thing - you haven't tried the product yourself. Take a look at this user's experience: 

The results speak for themselves. 

What's more interesting is its compensation plan. With a 25 year track record, operating in 48 countries, and With just Google surpassing it as the company to create the most millionaires, more and more people all around the world are jumping on this band wagon.

But is it profitable to quit your day job, you ask ?  The line has already attracted hundreds of thousands of customers and potential distributors - celebrity boosters like Nicole Kidman, Simon Cowell, Christie Brinkley, and Brad Pitt can't get enough of the stuff. 

In a promotional video, the company speaks of The Dream. Complete with yachts, ski slopes, luxury cars with even a 'NUSKIN' number plate, have we really found the fountain of youth? And, so to speak, drink from it too???

The business concept works like this:

Every customer is encouraged to become a distributor. As a distributor for the company, you can choose to simply sell the various products for commissions, or you can recruit others to the program and build a downline. 

When you build a downline, you earn a percentage of what they sell as well. To be an independent distributor of Nu Skin, you must commit to purchasing at least a minimum monthly package from the company, called your 'Personal Sales volume.' 

Now, can your success as a distributor can ever be secured? No. But then again, you may say, which business does?! 

As with any MLM company, the first batch of marketers always have the upper hand. Following that, it's all down to personal branding and lead generation, as with any successful business. 

Gone are the days of making a names list and contacting everyone over and over till they jump on board. Leveraging the internet, other businesses, social media; there are ways to make it work. 

Hmm.. News of the World scandal, youth unemployment, job market instability, if this journalism thing doesn't work. . . . . 

What are your views on MLM? 

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