Saturday, 29 October 2011

Mulberry Catwalk S/S '12 Press Day

Remember that exciting new project I had lined up?

Well, it's officially underway and I am pleased to announce I am The Malaysian Women's Weekly new freelance writer! Apparently, all that hard labour, endless hours, unaccounted number of times dozing off at the backseat of a taxi, coffee-runs, paid off! 

Anyway, enough about me. Let's talk fashion.

Mulberry's catwalk collection was a treat. An ice-cream-sorbet-candy-floss treat. And if Emma Hill couldn't be clearer on where she'd like to indulge it - at the beach of course. 

I was greeted at the catwalk press event by the lovely Press Officer, Emma Moran and a zoo of balloon animals bursting at the entrance (naturally.) 

Inspired by the 'British summer holiday,' the collection quickly transformed from a safari to a wonderland of a funfair scene. 

So we had rain macs and flowing pleated skirts, fun rain jackets and then sundresses in a palette of mint, lemon yellow and salmon pink layered over long-sleeved T-shirts. The more animal-themed pieces came as embroidered and appliqu├ęd jackets and dresses staying true to  that quirky and quintessential Mulberry mix we all know and love. 

These flip flops are too cute for words ! And at a slightly more affordable price - (any one got £100 lying around?) 

I must say this time round, Emma has re-vamped that 'doe-eyed English girl' look with more glamorous pieces like bling-embellished skirts,dresses, and  bomber jackets.

The show-stopping all over Gem Dress !!! The detailing is exquisite and this dress took 'forever' to make. (and very heavy, I might add)

You can't talk Mulberry without talking bags.  Joining the girl gang- Taylor, Tillie, Alexa, Lily and most recently Polly- Effie and Evelina will vie for your love.

There were quirky evening bags with sparkly peace signs, channelling the Seventies hippie vibe as well as the larger leather classics. There was an awesome bright yellow version that is impossible NOT to catch your eye as well as several takes on the ever-popular and my personal favourite, Alexa cross body satchel.

I saw interesting textures and exotic prints on some of the satchels, but if you prefer your bags natural you can expect a surprising amount of your trusted leathers and tans. 

Here are some of my favourite looks from their latest LFW runway collection: 

I've always liked the 'don't take yourself too seriously' idea that the brand wants to put across. 
Frankly, I thought some of the pieces were too saccharine - even for me, but I was excited about this new unexpected twist. Let's see what Mulberry has in store for us next season! 

As with any hobby/interest, there are always established hierarchies of awe that are ingrained into our minds when it comes to insider figures. Speaking of which, I SAW HILARY ALEXANDER. Like in the flesh. One metre away from me. 

Yes. Trying to keep your cool and sound (and look) professional, it being my first time at a Press Day within the presence of one of the most recognized and sought-after fashion writers in the UK is not the easiest thing to do. 

Other paraphernalia forms a protocol behind the fashion 'industry' that I have learnt include: attending fashion shows, press days,  PR's press releases, the coaxing 'you-scratch-back-I'll-scratch-your's' attitude that exists in fashion.


wait for it.............

 I AM GOING TO INTERVIEW EMMA HILL. By email - which means I can pretend to be this socially-put together young professional act for a little while longer ! 

And there I was worrying that I was growing up too fast. 


Friday, 7 October 2011

"I feel like I'm on the set of LOST"

Oops, where did the time go? Last time I wrote, I was relaxing on a beach in Langkawi island, Malaysia, without a care in the world. Now, I'm sitting in my flat in London, the crisp autumn leaves blown by a gusty wind outside, and deadlines piling up alarmingly all around, with beautiful tropical beaches a long-gone dream. In between then and now, there's been 35 degree days in Langkawi, a final weekend in Malaysia, and an excruciating 14-hour flight which landed me back in this strange country sometimes referred to as home. 

Langkawi island, a duty-free booze, cigarettes and chocolates destination just on the west coast of Malaysia, this is the country's best known holiday destination! With a 1litre bottle of Absolut priced at £9, its easy to see why !!!

I spent most of the time there lying under some coconut tree with the aquamarine Andaman sea lapping at my toes. We decided to mix it up with a water-sport filled day which included: one clumsy banana-boat ride, island hopping on a jet-ski, feeding eagles, beach snorkelling, swimming in deep lagoons, some cheeky wild monkeys, and some serious monsoon rain!!!

And of course, a spot of two of sipping Pina Coladas back on Cenang beach. Life is awful, truly.

More pictures to come !