Friday, 12 August 2011

KL: So good, It's been abbreviated?

Before you can say 'jetlag' I was up on my feet the next morning with tired eyes, one messed up body -clock but nevertheless, one hopeful heart. Today is my interview with Marie Claire magazine. 

We stopped at what the locals call a mamak - an authentic Malaysian roadside food stall, for breakfast. And we're not talking about cereal or toast, but a full blown cooked meal of : 

Roti - a thin doughy like pancake which reminded me of the Naan bread. This was served with lentil or chicken curry. Oh, and a cup of sweetened soya milk. Did I mention it was 9am ?

I was too nervous to eat anyway so I just hurried to the building which was next door and greeted the Features editor and the Senior Projects Manager. 

I left the building thinking it went quite well as they gave me the positive yet ambiguous signals.

Tried not to think about it too much, and met my relatives for lunch. Yes, meals are not served three times a day here, but anywhere, any time.

Got to try a buffet of different delicacies but two of my personal favourites:  kuei (gluten rice cakes) and teh tarik (sweetened tea, served hot or cold.) If you like sweet English tea, You'll love this. 

Sweet, soft, and fluffy, meet the Pandan Chiffon Cake with coconut jam filling. Although I had tasted versions of the cake in London's China town, nothing beats the real thing. Don't be put off by the colour, the greenness is due to the Pandan leaves extract which gives it an amazing, inexplicable smell of the tropics. 

In the evening, we went to KLCC shopping mall which is adjacent to the famous Petronas Twin towers. KL is absolutely Filled with shopping malls !!! From Chloe, to Kate Spade, to Hermes to local names like Farah Khan and Jimmy Choo, KL is really becoming a shopping haven for foreigners and locals alike. 

me and the Petronas twins 

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