Friday, 12 August 2011

Malaysia - Day three

My aunt's husband touched down from a business trip in Singapore and so we went out, naturally, for food.

This time, we tried Indian. How cool is it that the food is served on banana leaves instead of plates!

Washing down all that spicy-ness with some ice cold coconut juice ! 
Me and Chit - Yi - seventh sister from my mum's side 
 What's even more awesome is the price to eat out. We ate our little hearts out and the bill came out to RM 70. That's approximately, £4.00 each ! And that's considered to be quite expensive by local standards I was told... 

At night, we went to China Town off Petaling Street in KL. 

Very different from the one I'm used to seeing in London. More authentic, I must say but that's an understatement. 

We had supper at a steam boat hawker style restaurant - where each table has a built in simmering metal pot of stock in the centre and your meats, fish, vegetables are cooked at the table. Like a Chinese fondue. 

We then walked around the bustling promenade of food and clothing markets, where you could buy anything from a quite convincing fake Chloe bag, to cute doctor fish spas and everything in between.

Would you believe these hairy little bad boys are fruits ? 

Wikipedia: Rambutan is a medium sized tropical tree in the family  Sapindaceae, and the fruit of this tree. It is closely related to several other tropical fruits like Lychee, Longan and Mamoncillo. It can be peeled open with a fingernail. 

Finger licking good ! 

Hairy on the outside, sweet and gummy on the inside... there's a pun in here somewhere.... 

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