Monday, 27 June 2011


Anyone else going through a quarter-life crisis?

Friday, 24 June 2011

Quote of the Day:

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Heaven and Earth

Apparently there is a place on earth which aligns with the heavens. The best part? Itt's not impossible to get to. In fact, it is located in Salar de'Uyuni, Bolivia.

During the raining season, the water turns these so called 'Salt Flats' into the world's largest mirror. The reflection of the sky creates a sense of infinity; as if you are walking on clouds.

I may have just thought of the most romantic spot on earth to propose to someone. Ever.

Thanks, StumbleUpon.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Happy Father's Day

To the one who always makes me feel special, understands me better than anyone else and the only man who will always be in my life. Apa I love you, Happy Father's Day to all fathers (and father figures) out there.
x x x

Friday, 17 June 2011

Have you seen Bent Objects?

Designer extraordinaire, Terry Border, gives us a sneak peek into the secret life of everyday things.

Potty training a new pup

Bananas spooning

Humorous Bent Objects (9)

Dancing Queens

Trojan horse

Banana split
Mother's Day
Hot chocolate
Caribbean spice

Sunday, 12 June 2011

The Art of Flirtation.

I once discovered an article on how to flirt with guys at a bar. It detailed a series of things a girl should do:

1. make eye contact
2. smile
3. arch eyebrows
4. tilt head
5. look down
6. look back up

I can't help thinking how awkward and completely formulaic it all seemed.

What bothered me the most is how it did not convey any sense of confidence. Girls might as well have screws on their backs.

I'm a much bigger fan of the simpler (and more normal) technique: make eye contact and smile.

Now, actually putting that into practice is a whole different story. Maybe I'm just not the type of girl you'd meet in a bar.

On that note, here are some of the worst pick-up lines you can ever use. Guys take note.
  Set of the Ten Worst Pickup Lines
  Set of the Ten Worst Pickup LinesSet of the Ten Worst Pickup Lines
{all images via etsy}Set of the Ten Worst Pickup LinesSet of the Ten Worst Pickup Lines

Go Confidently...

{via Ma Joie Press}
Something to give you support, a nudge in the right direction, a little cheer, or a reminder of awesomeness when you feel your energy begin to wane. 

Have a lovely one dear friends. Breathe deeply and take wonderful chances.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Luck is a Lady

I’ve been having one of those weeks during which I swear I’m the magnet for misfortune. Yesterday, I discovered I had lost my wallet (credit cards, Identity card; the whole she-bang.) The airline tickets to Kuala Lumpur I had been saving up for ever have been sold out just (of course.) And need I mention that I am still homeless? Yes, my plans for a stable roof over my shoulder did not fall through. Living out of a suitcase is not the most fun thing in the world. Sign. On a happy note, last weekend’s scars have finally cleared up.  I’m also naturally quite klutzy. Case in point: Junior High. I was that girl who loved to ‘attack the floor,’ if you want to think about it like that. Hell, forget floor, make that staircase, road side, football pitch, wires -- you name it.  However, as well as being genetically dispositioned to  falling over random objects, these past few days seem to be particularly bad.
Perhaps the best recommendation I’ve heard is that bad things happen to replace even worse things that would have happened instead.
Kinda like that cliché: “Everything happens for a reason.” Although I am not a fan of the ‘life just unfolds’ concept, you must admit makes whatever rut we may be going through a little less heavy on our mind.
I’m a dreamer, can you tell? And I’m sure you are too.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Currently Thinking About:

Nutella Snack and Drink, where have you been all my life?

This makes me want to pack my suitcase and move to New York right now.

Scrambled eggs for Dummies -- especially topical on my detox low-carb diet. (4 days, 98 hours, and 5880 minutes...but who's counting? )

I will try remember this quote whenever I look at my unorganized mess of a room.

This column will change your life, according to the Guardian.

Every girl wanted to be them at some point.

Loving and planning to live out the idea of a day-cation very soon....

Tanning in the garden one day, pouring rain the next, ah the joys of British weather. Whatever you peeps are doing this weekend, have a good one ! x x x

Thursday, 2 June 2011


You’d have to be living under a rock, or a very large umbrella, to not feel the anticipation of summer in the air. In a return of warmer temperatures, this season’s fashion scene has seen a return of the decade of the disco. The seventies are back – and they’ve never looked better.
Other than your typical flared trousers, vibrant colours and retro prints hitting the catwalk, big brimmed hats are an emerging spring essential which London’s street fashionistas have been eager to try out. An underrated wardrobe item in my opinion, hats are the perfect accessory to pull a whole outfit together while hiding a mass of hair-related sins. These statement chapeaux however, also make such a claim while simultaneously adding a dose of vintage glam to your daily look. 


Famously popularized by the likes of Anita Pallenberg, Brigette Bardot, and Bianca Jagger in the late ‘60s through the early  ‘70s, these oversized floppies embody a sense of rock n’ rock spirit that’s definitely worth emulating. For a modern take of the trend, rather than using these head-turning accessories like the original trendsetting muses did to emphasize their big fur coats and brocade bell bottoms, today’s mad hatters are pairing theirs with more neutral, streamlined pieces.
One of the Spring/ summer ’11 collections that have headed up this trend is Just Cavalli where Italian designer dressed his models in head –to-toe denim, accessorized with chambray hats. He kept it fresh by implementing slim lines, flamboyant embellishment, and a monochromatic palette. Another way to wear this chic headwear comes to us via Missoni, where models were outfitted in neon colours and geometric prints, and appropriately topped off with giant square – brimmed hats.

Missoni S/S '11

Since this eye-catching hat is such a statement, the way you style this accessory is crucial. Instead of going for an over-the-top runway look, opt for a polished look a la Lou Doillon. The French model/ actress conjured romantic sartorial images of the South of France when she attended the Chanel S/S ’11 show in a ribbon – adorned hat adds a certain polish to her retro –chic attire. Ladylike ensembles aren’t the only way to work this trend of course. Hats off to Gossip Girl, Jessica Szohr , who added intrigue to her casual outfit with a brown floppy hat.
If you’re currently crushing on the beloved brights and pastels that come with this season, a big brim packed with colour is the way to go. Opt for taupe or brown shades to add some sartorial insouciance to denim – based looks. Finally,you can never go wrong with a black basic brim which would look perfect in a maxi dress and worn boots.
Feautured on several Fall ’12 runways, a floppy hat would be a key item to invest in come next season, where you can still maintain that seventies sensibility with flared jeans and button down blouses. Couple the fact that their wide brims act like shades, I don’t see any reason not to trade in my fedora for a floppy hat. Do you?

Image 1 of ASOS  Floppy Hat With Flower Cut Out Detail
ASOS Floppy Hat with Flower Cut Detail. (Sold out of course.)