Monday, 30 May 2011

My Weekend in Pictures:

{MADD for mangoes - London's first Mango based dessert and coffee lounge}

{Fact: Dark rainy days are made better with magazines, mani-pedis and your favourite chick-flicks.}

{The lovely garden at my Aunt's birthday BBQ looked almost as great as the food.} 

{To market, to market...}

{This tea thing is really growing on me. }

{Well said, Pret.}

{With summer just a stone's throw away, it's time to prepare your feet for their first sandal outing. I know I have.} 

{Homecooked meals are best served with your closest friends.}

                                                      Happy Bank Holiday weekend !

Friday, 27 May 2011

Rain, rain, go away....

In true unpredictable British weather, it's been cold and wet in London today (just when we've gotten used to wearing our sunnies & sandals) So, it's the perfect chance to break out my 'rainy day soundtrack':

1. Holiday in Spain by Counting Crowes
2. Banana Pancakes by  Jack Johnson (if you listen closely, you'll hear the distinct pitter -patter in the background.)
3. You look like Rain by Morphine
4. Just like Heaven by The Cure
5. Rainy Day, Dream Away by Jimi Hendrix
6. Collide by Howie Days
7. Raindrops by Ben Folds Five
8. Purple Rain by Prince
9. Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve
10. Panini Pua Kea by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
11. Riders on the Storm by The Doors
12. I'm only happy when it rains by Garbage
13. Rain by MIKA
14. Here Comes the Rain by Eurythmics

Perfect quote for a rainy day :)


What's your favourite track to listen to?

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Me and my girls like the bass heavy.

S wears black. Black pants, a little back vest, or a black skirt. But always black liner to frame her dark eyes and gorgeous lashes.  Tonight it’s a black figure hugging dress. She wears some nude lip gloss to accentuate those heart shaped lips of hers. Like they needed any help.
E wears flirty, flowery skirts that float around her and tiny tank tops of lace, and big chunky rings. There’s always a lock of sandy brown hair tucked behind her ears. Her eyes sparkle with ocean blue glitter.
I wears an off-the-shoulder pink body con dress. Her arm is adorned with an equally tight - fitted snake cuff. Her feet love a thick black heel. She rocks a red lipstick like no one can.
Me? I just wear anything that shows off my ass and is comfortable for dancing. I don’t think I have any distinctive style. I’m like mish mash roots – quite like my hair colour.
We slather our necks and wrists in scents of jasmine and vanilla. A sip (bottle) of vodka, a slap on each other’s asses and we’re good to go.
Friday night, in celebration of the end of sophomore year, we hit the West side. Dancing is our therapy.  Breakbeat, r & b, dub step, house, rap, pop. The beats get our hips winding and our arms swaying above our heads, our heartbeat elevates, and our bottoms get low to the ground. We might break for drinks but meet on the dancefloor, the music like purifying water, cleansing our spirits with the feel – good vibration. This is our pleasure, our peace … our friendship in motion.
Me and my girls like the bass heavy.
We dance until our clothes wet, our feet sore (even bleeding as this weekend would have us.) We dance with nobody but each other, ignoring the men who try to rub against us. A fence of light; a whirling orbit of energy: it’s about us. Not them. We could care less.

And then we stumble home, exhausted, and in hysterics, searching for greasy food and icy drinks. We take turns sleeping over each other’s houses, giggling on who busted the best moves and about the guys we sent away with their tails between their legs.

We carry on dancing forever. That’s a promise.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011


There are three things I know:

1) Julie Bialowas takes beautiful photographs.

cool modern gifts

2) She thinks of inspiring quotes.

3) Whenever you feel down, reading an inspiring quote on a beautiful photograph helps.

I really liked her idea of quotes beautifully designed on a photograph taken every day for 365 days.

Why didn't I think of that?

Monday, 23 May 2011

the corner.

"I remember the corner.
The corner of your colour, the corner of your smile. The corner where we kissed.
The street corners turning into the corners of the corridor.
Into the corners of the room where we lay.
The corners of your mouth, of your eyes.
The corners of words we didn't finish.
The corner of your name.
On the corner where we parted.
I remember the corner."

P.S How beautiful is the piano music in the background?

Currently crushing on:

Polynesian Princess Maxi Dress
The May collection by Free People makes me wanna wear flowers in my hair all day and dance around like a folk fairy.

This deep red sheer pleated ankle-grazing skirts had my heart beating a little faster. $79.99 from Alice in the Eve  

Affordable versions of uberextravagant rings like this YSL Arty Oval replica. A steal at $35 from Le Dama

Butter London lacquer. and in spring's two hottest colours. Long Live Nails.

Abercrombie & Fitch swimwear. Those briefs are just too cute.

"Let's play house
Come and live with me in my dreams
Our secret hideaway
Let's play house"

(via )

                                                  Hope you're having a great weekend !
                                                                     - xoxo

Friday, 20 May 2011

Show me your.... ankles?

It looks like you can be 'cool' this spring without having to break the bank - just roll up your trousers. Double points if you can pull off the same hair colouring as your pants. Très chic indeed.

Images: facehunter, mydailystyle, sartorialist

Thursday, 19 May 2011


As I contemplated what to post today, it came to me as a stark realization that I've never posted my CF work on.
So here's my latest post and in my opinion one of my fave looks:

Haven’t you heard? Apparently, it’s cool to be British again. Recently peaked by the Royal Wedding, the Beatles on iTunes and the imminent Olympics 2012, England is enjoying a buzz. It is a bit reminiscent of the days of "Cool Britannia" — a term used to describe the fashionable culture of contemporary London.

Bowler hat? Check. Union Jack-inspired T-Shirt? Check. As Mischa Barton and Britain’s favourite rock princess Kate Moss demonstrate, T-shirts with an iconic edge can be powerful expressions of identity and achieving that effortless cool look. Even more so if it has red, white and blue on it. Like the T-shirt this Fashionista is wearing? Then head to the always reliable H&M.

You can look like a true Fashionista without having to buy a replica of Kate Middleton’s engagement ring. This fashionable student bought hers from the quintessentially British fashion mecca Topshop.

Sunny spells and clear skies, this week’s Fashionista celebrates the unseasonably good British weather by wearing a pair of polka-dot sunnies she bought from ALDO to evoke some quirky British spirit to her collegiate outfit.

Her cropped red-and-white shirt is from Feeling Vintage — a vintage store in Athens while her blue jeans (she cut herself) are from Bershka. You might recognize her boots too — worn by Rihanna, Jessica Alba, Hailee Steinfield, Pixie Lott, and Halle Berry — AllSaints Damisi boots are a celebrity favourite!

Hint: To avoid an over the top patriotic look, inject some Anglomania with a key item that you are sure to wear time and time again. Accessories, like a brooch or a necklace, are a sure fire way to go without having to make a huge wardrobe change.

Qu'est-ce que vous pensez?

You can check out all my posts on :

Teen Angst.


It's an old story. You've discovered something new 5 seconds ago and you're talking about it like you've known it for years.

Before I go all, "you've never heard of [fill in the blank] !!!!????" my latest crush I'm refering to is website home of all things creative, pointless, but nevertheless cute as a button. Like this notebook which just proves how writing is therapy.

C'mon people.  I'm a lover. Not a fighter.

Too. Many. Names. Can't. Think.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011



Always wanted a personalized T-shirt but couldn’t make up your mind on the design? Well, it doesn’t get more personal that your own narration. N-spired story, the first ever book written by the world and printed on an interactive T-shirt, people can now share their stories which can be anything from a  personal experience, a song that inspires them or a piece of news.
The plan is simple. Register on the site, post your story for free, and each month the story with the most votes is selected to feature as a chapter in this ‘book of the world.’  N-spired then works with an up-and-coming artist to create a T-shirt design for this story. Once this is done, the limited edition T-shirt is created and sold for just 10 days for 18.95 euros.  Have an iPhone or Android? Just point your phone at the T-shirt’s design and wait for an instant link to the online content. Now that's what I call a smart phone.
What's best is that it will go to helping the community. A percentage of the sales will go to a creative social act related to the story. Hurry though – after nine t-shirt published chapters, N-spired plans to create a N-spired book; you know, the written or printed kind with actual pages (!)  This will contain information about the authors, the original stories, the artists, the designs, social acts, and behind-the-scenes insights into the creation process.
Don't be afraid to be daring with your stories either. Weddings at MacDonalds, Vagina art projects, Blind date with your long-lost brother? Think you can top that? This is your chance for 'that one unforgetable experience' to shine people.

The Spanish company aims to use fashion and art to help ordinary people make the "world a better place – one t-shirt at a time"( Gotta love the cheese factor.) 

Just another way t-shirt site for the masses you say? Maybe.But it's unique and works for a good cause.
Check out their official website for more info –

Monday, 16 May 2011

< 3

Life's little surprises - especially come in handy after a long day. x

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Mirror, mirror on the wall.....

I like to think I am not a vain person. I am the girl who avoids mirrors whenever and wherever possible, whose heart beats a little faster when stepping on those (dreaded) scales, and  still blushes at the sound of a compliment.
They say it takes just three seconds for someone to evaluate you when they first meet you. This seems unfair – especially when your hair dryer broke down or you have a massive pimple on your forehead.
In high-school, the ‘cool’ kids were attractive and popular with both their classmates and teachers. Research shows teachers tend to evaluate attractive children higher, increasing their self esteem.
Thankfully that awkward phase of life is long gone – or is it? In a world where attractive applicants are more likely to get jobs, we are constantly judged by our appearance in almost all social situations, and a celebrity culture that places premium on good looks, the situation still remains where we must all conform to these ideals if we don’t want to be kicked out of the ‘Cool Club.’
It comes as no surprise therefore, that we are all – hopelessly in love with yourself or not - obsessed with our appearance. Moreover, our judgemental fingers don’t just point to ourselves sadly, but to others too.   
Would we all act differently if we all walked around wearing paper bags? It wouldn’t be long before someone came along in their Dolce&Gabbana paper bag feeling superior to everyone else in their hand-me-down bags.
Wary of the excessively proud, conceited nature of the word vain, I prefer to think of myself as concerned. Don’t get me wrong; every time I have a ‘fat day’ I can still hear my stomach’s cries of: “where art thou carbs?” However, I do try and focus on the positives. I’ve got nice eyes, I am not entirely disgusted with my figure, scrub up well enough in natural daylight and with a combination of Touch D’Eclat and good lighting, I may even positively glow after dark.
Today, other than society impending unrealistic ideals in regards to body image, not only has it become the ‘norm’ to fit in such ‘attractive’ ideals but to participate in self-loathing when these ideals are not met. The root of the problem here lies in low self esteem. I am no poster child for body image, though I propose less trash talking of the self, and more praising. Perhaps, the vain girls have got something on this after all.

Monday, 2 May 2011


Back from what felt like a two minute vacation in my hometown of Limassol, Cyprus. A little bit disappointed with the lack of sunshine, but had a wonderful time nonetheless.

Batteries charged, gorged on as much Greek food as possible, and now ready for reality !

I leave you with some shots of some very shiny, happy people:

Oh, and its the first day of May and a whole lot closer to my kind of season. Summer 2011. :) x x x