Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Bits of my Weekend:

The best (and only) snowy ice- beer in Malaysia 

Pretty hand-painted nail art 

Can't wait to eat my cornflakes with these ! 

Spagetti mee noodles made from scratch at one of my aunt's restaurant 

Every colour and architecture has a unique story as old as the town itself. 

My mum's family is originally from Ipoh - the capital city of Perak state. Calling it a city is quite far off though - touted as a great place for retirement, the refreshing thing about it is how coming here makes you feel time stops, if only for a while.

"That's the convenience store I used to go when I was in school," exclaimed my 40-year old aunt (?!)

Things I learned:

* short trips back home means you wont be able to see your loved ones nearly as much as you'd like to, so make sure you spend every moment with the few people you do not see. 
* good food is always a suitable back-up plan for self-medicating terrible OCD panic attacks.
* everyone could use a mini-getaway once in a while 
* a place surrounded by hills makes any direction you are looking at lovely. 

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