Friday, 7 October 2011

"I feel like I'm on the set of LOST"

Oops, where did the time go? Last time I wrote, I was relaxing on a beach in Langkawi island, Malaysia, without a care in the world. Now, I'm sitting in my flat in London, the crisp autumn leaves blown by a gusty wind outside, and deadlines piling up alarmingly all around, with beautiful tropical beaches a long-gone dream. In between then and now, there's been 35 degree days in Langkawi, a final weekend in Malaysia, and an excruciating 14-hour flight which landed me back in this strange country sometimes referred to as home. 

Langkawi island, a duty-free booze, cigarettes and chocolates destination just on the west coast of Malaysia, this is the country's best known holiday destination! With a 1litre bottle of Absolut priced at £9, its easy to see why !!!

I spent most of the time there lying under some coconut tree with the aquamarine Andaman sea lapping at my toes. We decided to mix it up with a water-sport filled day which included: one clumsy banana-boat ride, island hopping on a jet-ski, feeding eagles, beach snorkelling, swimming in deep lagoons, some cheeky wild monkeys, and some serious monsoon rain!!!

And of course, a spot of two of sipping Pina Coladas back on Cenang beach. Life is awful, truly.

More pictures to come !

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