Tuesday, 22 February 2011


It still amazes me how I didnt sprain an ankle that hectic day when I think about the amount of running back and forth from office to venue.

What is even more suprising is how I even managed to get into half of these shows ! I mean for 2 of the shows I had the name 'Celebrities Worldwide' to thank, but for the rest other 2 - dumb luck.

One of my friends went as a buyer and managed to get me an extra pass to the show. The other? Some random girl who had one SEATED pass too many, decided to do her good-deed of the day and give one to some less-priviledged individual a.k.a: Me.

Before you could say the words 'Daaaarling' and blow air kisses, I was holding the priviledged 'Blue' marked ticket and sitting in the second row as the alter ego of Alex Socher, head stylist at Toni and Guy.

That day, I was a suffering schitsophrenic with a triple personality of head stylist Alex, International Buyer Ioanna, and Christina, celebrity intern wannabe fashion journalist.

ANYWAY, the show was brill - a showcase of emerging talents and 'Ones to Watch' designers including the names of Kirsty Ward, Tze Goh, Anja Mlakar, Sara Bro Jorgensen, and Eudon Choi.

I wasnt the only one out to interview people, there was a girl standing in the [manic] queue behind me who was being interviewed for a survey:

Do you know who is sponsoring the Vauxhall fashion scout show today?

Erm, erm.................


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