Thursday, 10 February 2011

Black Swan, Get the Fuck out of My Head.

Heads up: you may want to sleep with the lights on for the next couple of nights. Don't feel bad - You're not the only one.

How do I even begin to comment on the movie 'Black Swan'?
The disturbing storyline. The underlying messages. The eery music.  Or, most importantly the fact that you DONT even listen to the music, because you're so consumed with your own thoughts and feelings the whole time.

Love it or hate it (I really dont know how on earth thats even possible) it is one of those movies that will linger long after you've walked out of the cinema.

You can only expect the best coming from Requiem for a Dream director, the great Darren Aronofsky.

Eloquently describing the destruction of oneself in the strive for perfection, you can't help but wonder the truth behind all this. How much of Hollywood's dark portrayal of the ballet world is real? In my opinion, just like in acting, modelling, you often see people totally emboding their 'character' it becomes part of them. And in this case, literally.  In my view, the movie (although obviously exaggerated at times) in many ways depicts a true reflection of the issues facing today's dancers.

I must say that the magnitude of promotion and advertising, cannot come close to what viewers anticipate and the sheer intensity of the film, exceeding even their wildest expectations.

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