Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Always wanted a personalized T-shirt but couldn’t make up your mind on the design? Well, it doesn’t get more personal that your own narration. N-spired story, the first ever book written by the world and printed on an interactive T-shirt, people can now share their stories which can be anything from a  personal experience, a song that inspires them or a piece of news.
The plan is simple. Register on the site, post your story for free, and each month the story with the most votes is selected to feature as a chapter in this ‘book of the world.’  N-spired then works with an up-and-coming artist to create a T-shirt design for this story. Once this is done, the limited edition T-shirt is created and sold for just 10 days for 18.95 euros.  Have an iPhone or Android? Just point your phone at the T-shirt’s design and wait for an instant link to the online content. Now that's what I call a smart phone.
What's best is that it will go to helping the community. A percentage of the sales will go to a creative social act related to the story. Hurry though – after nine t-shirt published chapters, N-spired plans to create a N-spired book; you know, the written or printed kind with actual pages (!)  This will contain information about the authors, the original stories, the artists, the designs, social acts, and behind-the-scenes insights into the creation process.
Don't be afraid to be daring with your stories either. Weddings at MacDonalds, Vagina art projects, Blind date with your long-lost brother? Think you can top that? This is your chance for 'that one unforgetable experience' to shine people.

The Spanish company aims to use fashion and art to help ordinary people make the "world a better place – one t-shirt at a time"( Gotta love the cheese factor.) 

Just another way t-shirt site for the masses you say? Maybe.But it's unique and works for a good cause.
Check out their official website for more info – www.nspiredstory.com

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