Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Mirror, mirror on the wall.....

I like to think I am not a vain person. I am the girl who avoids mirrors whenever and wherever possible, whose heart beats a little faster when stepping on those (dreaded) scales, and  still blushes at the sound of a compliment.
They say it takes just three seconds for someone to evaluate you when they first meet you. This seems unfair – especially when your hair dryer broke down or you have a massive pimple on your forehead.
In high-school, the ‘cool’ kids were attractive and popular with both their classmates and teachers. Research shows teachers tend to evaluate attractive children higher, increasing their self esteem.
Thankfully that awkward phase of life is long gone – or is it? In a world where attractive applicants are more likely to get jobs, we are constantly judged by our appearance in almost all social situations, and a celebrity culture that places premium on good looks, the situation still remains where we must all conform to these ideals if we don’t want to be kicked out of the ‘Cool Club.’
It comes as no surprise therefore, that we are all – hopelessly in love with yourself or not - obsessed with our appearance. Moreover, our judgemental fingers don’t just point to ourselves sadly, but to others too.   
Would we all act differently if we all walked around wearing paper bags? It wouldn’t be long before someone came along in their Dolce&Gabbana paper bag feeling superior to everyone else in their hand-me-down bags.
Wary of the excessively proud, conceited nature of the word vain, I prefer to think of myself as concerned. Don’t get me wrong; every time I have a ‘fat day’ I can still hear my stomach’s cries of: “where art thou carbs?” However, I do try and focus on the positives. I’ve got nice eyes, I am not entirely disgusted with my figure, scrub up well enough in natural daylight and with a combination of Touch D’Eclat and good lighting, I may even positively glow after dark.
Today, other than society impending unrealistic ideals in regards to body image, not only has it become the ‘norm’ to fit in such ‘attractive’ ideals but to participate in self-loathing when these ideals are not met. The root of the problem here lies in low self esteem. I am no poster child for body image, though I propose less trash talking of the self, and more praising. Perhaps, the vain girls have got something on this after all.

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