Monday, 4 July 2011


Lately I've been entertaining the idea of a tattoo.

I had the idea of turning this infinity symbol:
into the shape of two intertwining fishes. You know, as in Pisces. Perhaps something like this?:

Romantic. Indecisive. Moody. Emotional. Sensitive. Intuitive. I've always had a certain fascination to my beloved star sign, not to mention astrology in general.

This tattoo inspired me of another idea:

I was born into a family of members whose initials began with three C (including myself) and one S. What about a tattoo in the shape of 'C 3 ' connected to an 'S?'  It would have to be in pretty calligraphic writing and I would put my artsy fartsy - ness to the test.

Whatever, it looks a lot better in my head.

Now, if I could only decide where...That would be the first step in deciding if I should finally do it.

The problem? Commitment. A tattoo is a huge one. A lifetime one. Somehow I am more willing to give my heart away to a man for the rest of my life than have a symbol or writing permanently on my own skin. That's odd, isn't it?

Do you have any tattoos? Would you consider getting one done if you haven't already? And why?

{all images via Tattoologist}

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  1. Thanks for the feedback Francine ! Much appreciated... Agreed. I am seriously considering the 'C3' idea... :)