Tuesday, 26 July 2011


In light of recent events (bombings, massacre, natural disasters, completely UN-natural disasters, another talented artist leaving the music scene too soon) this has left the world, including myself shattered and simultaneously thankful about my life in general right now. It's made me think how all the stupid, little problems I may have look exactly that: stupid and little.

Due to such frustrations of life, I felt I really needed to make this gratitude list. To anyone going through a difficult time, I am rooting for you, I believe in you, in all of us!

The people out there who prove amidst all the evil, there are still heroes in the world
Plans to head to Malaysia next week {!!!!!!!!!}
A scheduled interview for {dare I say} a potential dream job.
Friends & family {and all the good things happening to them}
My patience {many would call a virtue.}
Free tickets for the Yard theatre opening last Friday {thanks Martin}
Coffee dates.
Great vintage finds just 'round the corner, like here and here!
Carrots {low in carbs, low in price and fills you up. Win win!}
Ebay purchases actually arriving on their 'estimated delivery dates'(!)
The sunny, summery weather London had over the weekend which invited all my shorts, sunnies and sandals out to play.

Everyone could use a moment to count their blessings. stop and smell the roses. whatever you wanna call it, don't underestimate the power of a grateful heart. 

It's in these moments of gratitude that allow us to celebrate all the good things that happened and allow them to help us survive the.. well, more challenging moments. 

what are you thankful for this week?

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