Wednesday, 16 November 2011

French Riviera photo diary

Picture perfect breakfast table at the Pain Quotidien 

Upward shot of Nice Etoile shopping centre 

Decadence in Monte Carlo's Hotel de Paris 

Another yacht view, mid restaurant-hunt in Cannes 

Switch out the shoes for wedges and ankle socks for a default rainy day outfit. 

Foie Gras with cranberry and onion chutney that tasted better than they photographed. 

Experiencing major withdrawal symptoms, as I sit here sifting through the photos during our girlie getaway along the Côte d'azur. Everything from a déjeuner français on our hotel balcony to isolated beautiful moments in the city. We spontaneously decided to give ourselves a break from city life and made our journey to Nice, Monaco and Cannes last weekend. The mix of raw nature, slightly warmer weather and scenic beaches could not have been more ideal. 

Highlights included the unexpected torrential rain (and wind) showers, the most exquisite wine I have ever tasted, a movie moment to prove that chivalry is not dead and eating way too much cheese (if there's even such a thing as.) Exciting stuff. No, but really, Monte Carlo is a terrible place to not have access to funds. 

Don't worry, I feel just the appropriate amount of guilt for my lack of 'reading' during reading week. I always say I am going to stay more on top of my life but... yeah. I will say my recent neglect of insane workload, graduate / job applications, and freelancing has lessened my ability to focus while subsequently mastering my procrastination skills. 

I am luckily getting to see some loved ones though - first my sister came to visit me, and cannot wait to go home for Christmas. 

Mostly for my suitcase's benefit and maybe also partially cause I didn't feel like shopping, I didn't buy anything but a few retro-inspired souvenirs, and a berry lipstick from Sephora that I cant wait to try for fall. 

But it's exactly as beautiful as you want it to be in real life. That's always a little surprising when it happens. 

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